Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Future

The Future, defined by Google: the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.

There is so much to come in our future and even the future beyond our lives. Many good things hopefully if the right choices are made, like cure to illness, peace, preservation of our earth. But if good decisions aren't made there are many bad things to come, from the downward spiral of our ecosystem, world war, and destruction.

The outcome of the future is in our hands and we are the ones who mold it. Who knows in 40 years we could be living in a dystopian society, filled with violence and trash. It all depends on how we as people can care for our earth and treat the people on it.

I am not sure where the world will be in the future for me, but I am worried for the future of my nieces and family. They will live many years after me, and I hope that the world we know will not be destroyed in their life time. And I don't mean that aliens are going to come and invade and kill us all (which they could, I don't know for sure) but how we care for our planet and how we waste our resources is a serious issue. Animals are going extinct all around us, from pollution, poaching etc. And if we are humans continue at the rate we are going, human will be instinct at some point in our future. There is no doubt in my mind. So right now as I see it, if there is not a world wide change, the future does not seem very bright and happy for everyone. Which is terrifying.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus

I listened to the radio show "I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus" by Firesign Theater.

The main character gets on a bus after being greeted by singing vegetables, on this bus is a whole bunch of clowns or bozos, and they time travel to the future on the bus.

On the journey, many people step in and talk about many historical events, and situations.
 "Man dropped a rich load of knowledge"
I really liked the part where people answered questions about the future, and how they mentioned how the future isn't here yet, and that you need to live life before the future gets there.

This is such an interesting radio show. In my other class, we were assigned to write radio shows, and this is such a cool idea. A space journey to the future, meeting tons of different characters that have much to say. Though I found it confusing at points. And the future sounds pretty crazy... "Dr. Avocado".

The Drowned Giant

The Drowned Giant by J. G. Ballard, is a story about a body of a giant being washed ashore, and how for the narrator this opened up a new world for him. While everyone else was busy crawling on the giant, and not respecting it. The narrator was captivated by it. The narrator describes the changes of the corpse, and how he imagined him to be when he was alive. He unlike everyone else imagines the giant having a personality, and sees him as a human like figure.

All the other humans disfigure him, burn a whole in his chest, harvest his bones and parts to be used all over town. Dehumanizing him, knowing him as a "sea beast" not as a human figure at all. The narrator sees this all happening and just goes along with it. Seeing how people can mistake the parts as whale, and how some parts were used for entertainment in shows and museums.

I belive this story is a reflection of man kind. How the narrator watches these people dismember a being he sees as human like, without batting an eye, or relate themselves to him.


I loved watching Coraline in class, I had to watch more. I ended up renting the film on iTunes, for the fabulous price of $2.99. Then I grew attached to the story.

In Coraline, she learns the lesson of loving what she has, and how to has to deal with the cards that she is dealt. The story is that there is a woman in an alternate universe that wants to take unhappy children living in the apartments away to live with her and make them and herself happy. Coraline was the her next victim. At first she willingly goes to the alternate universe, to live with her 'other' parents. Soon she realizes the corruption and that they really aren't all happy, and that something about that world is off. She then finds the other children the woman has captured over the years, like Wybie's grandmother's sister. Coraline then has to get out, but then her parents are captured, and to free herself from the woman she has to free the spirits of the children by finding their eyes, and also find her parents so they can all go home. She fights her way through and finds the eyes, destroying the world outside the house. Then she finds her parents and tricks the woman and escapes. She then returns back to her normal life, much more grateful and happy.

This story also follows the heroic journey outline, along with being a modern day myth story. If this film was in live action instead of claymation, it would be much more eire. This story can be related back to the myth of the Boogieman. The boogieman myth is told in many different ways around the world. From if you misbehave he will come take you away,

Coraline has her spiritual aid, the cat, and the other mother who acts as her "evil stepmother".
Coraline follows a specific archetype, she is a charismatic girl, unhappy with her every day life, she finds and alternative world, and wishes to not leave. Then that backfires and she has to find a way out and save herself and everyone around her. That is one reason this book and film is so successful.

Harry Potter Prequel - Chapter Zero

Harry Potter has been a big thing in many peoples lives for years now. I have attempted to read the books, but never really settled down to do so. But the movies, that is a whole different story. Harry Potter films in my house were a big deal. We would go to the midnight releases, have Harry Potter binge weekends in the pitch dark living room and never leave our pajamas.

Harry Potter is a coming of age story, plus much more. It was something we all grew up with in this generation, and we grew up with Harry Potter, going through similar things dealing with school and love. Minus all the magic and death of course.

In highschool and college (or some part of our lives) we will find our Hermione or Ron, and then we will find our Ginny. Friends that will last for ever and the love of our life. Things that we are all destined to find eventually.

I read the Harry Potter Prequel Chapter Zero, and wow I wish JK Rowling was actually writing that. The idea of Sirius Black and James Potter as kids causing mischief was so fun. Diving into the world of Harry Potter is pure magic, and that is not to be punny.  Harry Potter has become a different universe where we can escape to, find refuge, and entertainment. I remember when I was younger sitting at my computer playing the Harry Potter PC game for hours and hours on end. Getting sucked up in a world where I could walk around castles and take down dementors for hours. I can only imagine how incredible a prequel would be as a book, and even as a film.

The Star - Space Opera

I read Arthur C Clarke's The Star

This story was very interesting, and a very visual representation of traveling through space. Which I saw very clearly in my head. 

The main character, a priest, is having trouble believing his faith on this journey, for some unknown reason. On their journey back to earth, they find remnants of a civilization that was destroyed by a supernova. A civilization like ours, that was suddenly destroyed, after calculations he related this all back to the star relating to Jesus's birth, which restores his faith. 

Though I do not find myself as a religious person. This short story makes a lot of sense, and it is an interesting concept in conjoining science with religion. Which I guess could be controversial in ways to some people. But it is a very interesting concept, which I don't think I have seen many times before in different space opera's etc. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Troll Bridge - Hero's Journey

For Hero's Journey, I read Troll Bridge by Terry Pratchett.

The Hero's Journey goes a little like this...


The Troll Bridge Story lines up with the Hero's journey almost perfectly. At first I was not sure where the story was going. Though, the story of a troll under a bridge is pretty well known, it took a change when he did not kill him or take his treasure, but Cohen, the barbarian, gave him money to help his family.

THE ORDINARY WORLD - Cohen and his horse were traveling through, living their life as they know. In the cold icy air.

THE CALL TO ADVENTURE. - They see the road no one has traveled, where the troll is. He remembers what his father says, and must go defeat the troll.

REFUSAL OF THE CALL - Cohen knows he has to do it, or his father would roll over in his grave.

MEETING WITH THE MENTOR - His horse convinces him that he has to do it.

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD - They go down the road and to the bridge.

TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES - They meet the troll.

APPROACH - The troll see's that it is Cohen, and wants him to kill him, to impress his family.

THE ORDEAL - Cohen doesn't want to hurt the troll, he just wants to take his treasure, but the troll describes his life and introduces him to his family. They have no treasure and their bridge is falling apart.

THE REWARD - Cohen ends up giving the troll, Mica, gold pieces.

THE ROAD BACK - The horse is disappointed that Cohen helped the troll and didn't defeat him.

THE RESURRECTION - Cohen did a good thing, and he didn't die that day.

RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR - Everything returns to where it started, in the cold icy air.

This was a very good short story. I could clearly see a very nice short film adaptation, with trolls, and icy cold weather. Along with a talking horse and an old worn down barbarian.